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Mock Exam
Taking a Mock Exam will put you at ease by verifying that your machine is both compatible and configured properly for use with SofTest, as well as help familiarize you with SofTest's features and functionality. ExamSoft highly recommends taking the mock exam to attempt to ensure your machine is not experiencing any difficulties prior to exam day. Please note that some jurisdictions require the mock exam upon registration or by specific dates prior to the actual bar exam; this specific information should be sent to you either prior to, or just after bar registration (check here: http://examsoft.com/barexamjurisdiction)

The password to open a Mock Exam is 'mock123'

How do I take Exams (Including a Mock Exam)?

Take an Exam

NYLE applicants: call ExamSoft support to obtain an additional copy of a mock exam (866.429.8889)

How do I download an additional copy of the Mock Exam?

Additional Mock Exam