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Answer File Upload & Confirmation

Once you have exited the exam, SofTest will auto-upload your answer file(s) if you have an Internet connection. If you do not have Internet access at this time, then SofTest will inform you that the upload has failed and you can either try to upload again or upload later.  If you need to upload later, then when you get to an area with an internet connection and open SofTest, your answer file(s) will try to upload again.
Your Answer Files must be uploaded by the deadline specified by your jurisdiction.
If you fail to upload your answers by the deadline, your answers from the examination will not be graded, and you will be given a score of zero (0) for each answer. Deadlines will be available on bar week.

1. How to Upload Your Answer Files After the Exam
  • Once you arrive at your home, hotel or other location with Internet connectivity, turn on the computer.
  • Connect to the Internet and click on the ‘SofTest’ icon Connect to Internet
  • SofTest will auto-launch and upload your answer files.
  • If you are unable to upload your answer files via SofTest, you will need to manually upload your answer files.  Refer to step #3.




2. Confirming the Upload of Your Answer Files

  • Once completed you will receive the green Congratulations! confirmation screen. If you saw the green confirmation screen while exiting SofTest, your file has been uploaded. Additional confirmations such as emails, texts, and the exam history may take up to 15 minutes to be received.  For more information, visit our Support Portal.
3. If NEEDED:  How to Manually Upload Your Answer File

1) Select your Jurisdiction and click on the link populated

2) Login with your credentials
3) Select the History tab
4) Click the Manual Exam Upload button and follow the instructions provided


4. Troubleshooting:

  • Ensure your Internet connection is strong.
  • Double check your email account (including spam folder) that you used to register for SofTest.
  • Enable your email account to receive mail from support@examsoft.com