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FAQs/Best Practices

For the highest probability of a smooth test taking experience, be sure to check out our best practices.

For detailed information about SofTest use and features, visit Softest Help Guide 

ExamSoft Tips and Best Practices:
  • Character Limit - Some essay questions may have a character limit. You can see the character count of any essay answer in the status bar at the bottom of the SofTest window. If a limit is imposed, it will be displayed in the lower left corner next to the question number.
  • Special characters - Special characters, such as § ¢ £ ¤ ¥ (c), are available through
    “Symbols” tab on the side bar menu. If you don't see any special characters in this line, then your computer may not have any appropriate fonts on it. Fonts exist on your computer as part of Windows, and are not part of SofTest.
  • Spell Check - Certain features such as Spell Check, ability to print and whether SofTest locks your computer during the exam (i.e. secure mode), are controlled by the exam administrator
  • How to use spell check on PCSpell check PC 
  • How to use spell check on MacSpell check Mac
  • How do I know if spell check is enabled? Log in to your portal and navigate to History to see exam setting for each of the downloaded exams:


  • Cut/Copy and Paste are enabled during the exam. As a safeguard against accidental deletions, ExamSoft suggests using Copy & Paste rather than Cut & Paste.
  • Undo - SofTest can undo up to the last 50 actions in each essay response question.
  • Exam Backup - SofTest maintains several encrypted copies of your exam on your hard drive. If your computer crashes during an exam, you can restart it and SofTest will automatically select the most current version of your exam from your hard disk.
  • Auto Save - SofTest saves your work automatically every 60 seconds.
  • SofTest Back up – some jurisdictions require that you back up your answer file to the USB they provide at the end of the day. To back-up your answer files on USB, please visit: USB Back-up